Over the last few years I have received a number of email thanks for my services.  A few selected are posted below:-

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Thanks Sally


Testimonials — 4 Comments

  1. Hi..I suffered with IBS for many years, had started scenar before I came to Nowra …it had improved greatly, Sally gave me an intense session..along with some added dietary suggestions..and I’ve been free of the symptoms now for over a year.

  2. I have Scheuermann’s syndrome in my lower back and after receiving 2 sessions of Scenar therapy, the results have been amazing and I am on the path to recovery. I would highly recommend anyone suffering pain from an injury to make an appointment with Solar Plexus Pain & Healing Clinic. I also intend to see Sally for my Runners Knee in my right knee, I expect to receive the same results given Scenar Therapies effectiveness on my back.

  3. Visited Sally last week with severe tendonitis in my left achillies. After a massage and SCENAR therapy, was able to walk out with virtually no limp. The following day the improvement continued and it got to the point where there was almost no pain and I could walk normally! Much better than relying on anti-inflamatories to try and correct the injury.
    The SCENAR therapy certainly worked for me.

  4. I am very pleased to recommend and endorse Sally Fenner as a thorough professional and an excellant operator of Scenar and Massage Therapy This recommendation is made on basis of my personal experience .

    I know that Sally will help a range of conditions through Scenar Therapy .

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